Ayesha Feisal is a visual artist born and based in London. Within her art, she creates complex, amorous forms and  explores psychological states. 

Her work is an ongoing response to events and situations, through which she uses the human form as a means to exploring the psyche.

The Gift 1
The Gift (I), 90 x 90 cms, acrylic on canvas



Panel 1

current work



“Following a period of personal loss and challenges, I was forced to rethink and reevaluate my position, and the various roles I occupied. The psychological and physiological changes that occurred inspired me to start this body of work.

There are references and symbols within the work that allude to the changeable qualities within us, the idea of metamorphosis and the potential transformation of the internal and external human landscape . The circular motifs represent renewal and regeneration, they are also symbolic of the cyclical nature of the spirit.” 

Progress shot
Working on ‘The Things You Don’t Say’
studio shot of ‘Transmutation’, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cms
Panel 2


With Adam’s Ale, Eve Knows

‘With Adam’s Ale, Eve Knows’s (I) , Triptych, acrylic on canvas 90 x 80 cms (each panel measures 30 x 80 cms)

“Adam’s Ale is an old colloquial term for Water (based on the presumption that biblical Adam had only water to drink in the Garden of Eden).

I wanted to include water within these works for the symbolic references including fertility, source of life, wisdom and intuition. The deepest waters in this world are still unexplored, so for me water also represents a kind of mysticism. The changeable qualities of water (liquid, solid, vapour) also allude to the idea of metamorphosis.

When I was titling the works, I was thinking about the female’s position in a patriarchal culture. How (as a society) did we arrive at Patriarchy and its set of ideas?

It got me thinking about the Adam and Eve creation story…how possibly the narratives and dogma we’re exposed to from childhood (ie Eve’s punishment for her disobedience) form subconscious beliefs in the psyche which are then perpetuated throughout the years without question. These then provide justification for the status quo? So whilst it was important to me (visually) to celebrate the feminine form and its characteristics, I also wanted to make reference to this.”

Panel 3


Modern science teaches us that our cells contain DNA which is the blueprint for the complete design of our physical bodies. They also hold the blueprint for our emotional, mental and spiritual state. Could a biological inherited language/ code running through our bodies and being inform notions of self?

These paintings  form part of a  series of work exploring value and knowledge of self through the ideas of genetic make up and cell memory.

Panel 4



Who Said You Could Have It? 100 x 150 cms, acrylic on canvas
Who Said You Could Have It? 100 x 150 cms, acrylic on canvas
Visceral Flower, 100 x 150 cms, acrylic on canvas
Visceral Flower, 100 x 150 cms, acrylic on canvas
De Cipher, 90 x 90 cms, acrylic on canvas
Di Cipher, 90 x 90 cms, acrylic on canvas
GodessFlow, 30 x 80 cms, acrylic on canvas
Goddess Flow, 30 x 80 cms acrylic on canvas


The Source, 30 x 80 cms, acrylic on canvas
The Source, 30 x 80 cms, acrylic on canvas
Nucleus. 30 x 80 cms, acrylic on canvas
Nucleus, 30 x 80 cms, acrylic on canvas
Panel 5

Through The Kaleidoscope

web DIS (1)
Dream In Suspension, 76 x 153 cms, acrylic on canvas

“Why is it, that one of the first books given to a child, is one that lets him/ her discover the world through colour? It’s because it’s such a fundamental language that even a child can relate.

Colour can affect our states of being and carry sensations into the subconscious mind. We are often drawn to and like particular colours for particular things, without knowing why…

Much study has been done on the effects of colour, and it’s interesting to see it can affect us on psychological level…

In this series I explore various emotional states through the use of colour.”

Subliminal Data Purge
Subliminal Data Purge, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cms

Subliminal Data Purge

This painting represents the conscious act of ‘de programming’.

That moment when we take responsibility for what we allow in our personal space and minds.

We are surrounded by images, sound and all sorts of information that affects us at a base level.  It could be negative thought patterns (or people) that lower our frequency, there then becomes a need to expel these in order to lift our emotional state.

web EVE
Eve-Olution, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90cms


The feminine energy is often thought of as being gentle and emotional, when in fact she is bold as well — she is the force of transformation.

All souls possess both male and female energies however, when the process of change is necessary, it is feminine energy we draw on and that flows to make that transformation.

web DIS (2)
Dispelling The Myth,  acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90 cms

Dispelling The Myth

At times when faced with negative attitudes, stereotyped or even misjudged it’s easy to become angry, frustrated or hurt.

Sometimes these feelings can consume us in ways that are detrimental to our spiritual well being, peace and growth.

It is not our job to change others perception of us or to convince them of our worth. We owe it to ourselves to simply ‘be’. To have the freedom to be ourselves without having to explain, the freedom to be ourselves without having to justify or seek approval…

Energy Facade
Energy Facade, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90 cms

Energy Façade

We are surrounded by a force and though not always apparent, it flows within and around us, and which we all emit at varying frequencies.

At times we obscure what really lies at the core of our being to both ourselves and to others.

We manipulate our outer selves in order to influence others’ perceptions of us, creating personas to fit the situation or environment.

web HEAD
Headspace 50 x 60 cms, acrylic on canvas
web c 1
Circumvent , 90 x 90 cms, acrylic on canvasp
web ILL
Illumination, 50 x 50 cms, acrylic on canvas