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I’m interested in psychological states and use the human form as a means to exploring the psyche.

My work is an ongoing response to events/ situations and is influenced and informed by my interest in consciousness, universal law, balance and truth. I’m drawn to and portray characters with elevated mindsets, characters that challenge and move beyond the impact of circumstance, environment and  social conditioning.  Characters that realise their power and are liberated  within my art.

I use my work to express, feel and to celebrate…to explore my inner thoughts and to make sense of the outer world. I see art as a type of resistance and creativity as a form of empowerment…I feel most powerful when I’m in that space.

I’ve come to understand that everything starts with a thought, with the belief and an expectation. So what happens when we exist in a society where there’s a constant battle for control of our minds in one way or another?  How much of our thoughts are our own and do they correspond with our ‘self’?

It’s so frustrating for me when I see limitation being pushed as the norm especially when it comes in the form of oppression. How do you push past that without being consumed, how do you find a way to stay on purpose and realise your own potential?   Where are the spaces that allow for this?

My art practice allows me to construct narratives that not only explore the complexities of the human condition, but also reflect the beauty of it.


BA (Hons) Graphic Fine Art

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Exhibition History:


2019    The Next Wave: The Power of Authenticity and Self Validation (HAART),  Hoxton Arches, London

2018    BBFA Presents/, Tafeta Gallery,  Fitzrovia, London

2018    Dakar Biennale, OFF Dak’Art, GoST group show, Douta Seck Cultural Centre, Dakar, Senegal

2018    1:54 Contemporary Art Fair ‘Off The Tracks’ (Little Africa/ Des Gosses),  Marrakech, Morocco

2017    African Culture and Design Festival (Gallery of Small Things),  Federal Palace,  Lagos, Nigeria

2017     ‘A Seat At The Table’, BBFA collective group show,  198 Gallery, London

2016    ‘Formation’,  Camden Image Gallery, London

2016     Art Meets Music,  Hoxton Gallery, London

2016   Black British Female Artist (B.B.F.A) Discussion Forum,  Lacey Contemporary, UK

2015    Vision To Reality,  TedX, Euston, UK

2015    AACDD Festival,  Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower, London

2014    Through The Kaleidoscope’,  Islington, London   

2013    Cork Street Open exhibition,  Mayfair, London

2013    Art of Tottenham,  639 Studios, London, UK

2013    Mokspace Gallery, Bloomsbury, London

2012    Art of Tottenham,  639 Studios, London, UK

2012    Figure Black,Brixton, London