Garden of Souvenirs

“Earlier work explored the effects of social engineering, in particular technological advances, the development of artificial intelligence and how it impacted our behaviour and sense of self.

During the first lockdown period I felt a real need to ground and to earth. I had this intense urge to cultivate and start growing…to bring the outside in, in a sense.

It got me thinking about the relationship between ecosystems; the growth of virtual networks; our reliance on tech and how it’s become a
n extension of ourselves.

As world events continued to unfold, I found myself questioning how we would move forward as a society and became focused on the idea of ‘transformative potential’ and how I could develop this within my work.

I started looking at carnivorous plants and began to include shapes which echoed their forms. I’m fascinated by their ability to adapt and grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, this for me felt like a metaphor for our current social climate.

colour inspo, creating test pieces

I’ve spent time experimenting with various mediums and methods , developing a technical process that allows me to articulate my thoughts .

At various stages of the process I add compounds causing the materials to mutate, then through, sculpting , manipulation and a combining of techniques I develop the form.

The pieces go through many stages of evolution till the final stages of completion, similar to that of the personal journey.

progress shot of ‘The Wood for The Trees, They Cannot See’

The work in this series is ongoing.